KidTech's mission is to have the diverse population of K-12 students experience engineering, science and math using innovative curriculum, college and community alliances, and a solid measure of equity and fun.

KidTech Programs

1. Great Solar/Hybrid Car Challenge - Each spring, KidTech provides solar car kits to middle schools in the Centre Region which include 12V solar panel, small DC motor, gear set, wheels, 9V battery strap and axles.  KidTech volunteers support teachers to enable middle school students design, build and race small (shoe-box sized) cars.  The cars must be designed to be powered by solar panels (for sunny days) or with 9V batteries. The Great Solar Car Races are held in mid-May in the State College area. 

The Great Solar/Hybrid Car Challenge project is possible with generous support of the Kards for Kids Charity Poker Tournament.

See the Middle School hybrid-solar car engineering challenge - Fundamentals of Design & Construction (Power Point Presentation).  

2. Great Engineering Exploration (GEE) Grants - provided to Centre Region teachers to develop and use new hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) activities.  These $500 grants enable teachers to buy materials for the GEE project, and provide details about the GEE project to KidTech to share with other teachers. The GEE Grants are possible because of the generous support of the Kards for Kids Charity Poker Tournament.

3. Frazier Foundation Programs (Summer 2013 start)
KidTech is proud to announce a new collaboration with the Frazier Foundation with a new grant to expand KidTech's support of STEM education.

Project 1: Solar/Hybrid Car Kits-for-Schools                
Purchase the materials for 20 Great Solar Car Challenge Kits to be provided to selected Centre County middle schools for year-round use.  

Project 2: Energy Storage / Distribution Circuit for Solar Car Kit  
     - Research, design and prototype the circuit to store power generated by the Kycera solar panel and distribute the efficiently
     - Phase 1 Field Test: add the energy storage / distribution circuit to Solar Car Kits for one “vanguard” school for initial testing
     - Final Field Test:  build and distribute 100 – 150 storage/ distribution circuits to all schools participating in the Great Solar/Hybrid Car Challenge

Project 3: Outdoor STEM
Develop two programs:
1. Traditional Outdoor Navigation Challenge: scavenger or treasure hunt that uses geological features, sun’s position, topographical features and/or compass.
2. Geocache Workshop and Challenge:  introduce youth to GPS technology and geocaching, and run local geocache events.  Funds support purchase of 3 geocache hand-held units, printing costs and travel reimbursement for volunteers.

Special thanks to the Kards for Kids Charity Poker Tournament and the Frazier Foundation for their generous support of KidTech's mission and programs. 

Interested in supporting KidTech? Sign up to play in the next Kards for Kid Charity Poker Tournament, held each year in late January. Register at the Kards for Kids website.

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KidTech is an all-volunteer organization, a registered charitable organization in Pennsylvania, and an IRS tax-exempt non-profit [501(c)(3)]. Want more information about KidTech? Contact us the old fashion way (mail, phone):

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